W60 Street Cover
Above: Poster of infrastructure reconstruction project on W60th Street in Manhattan, NYC
  About NYCDDC  
DDC is the Citys primary capital construction project manager. DDC builds NYCs hospitals, libraries, police precincts, firehouses, sewers, water mains, and roadways. The streets beneath are designed and maintained bythe skilled engineers and architects employed by the DDC. To successfully manage a portfolio, valued at over six billion dollars, DDC partners with other City agencies, as well as with emerging and world-renowned architects and consultants whose experience and creativity bring efficient, innovative, and environmentally-conscious design and construction strategies to NY City.
  Branding Outreach NYCDDC  
This series of posters, booklets, brochures, and construction panels about the NYC's infrastructure projects employ simple abstract compositions to convey water, infrastructure and tranquility. This approach evokes the international typographic style developed in Switzerland in the 1950's. These designs emphasize readability and objectivity using uniform design elements, and strong geometric shapes.
W60th Street Poster
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